The Twelve Principles of the Programme (CD)

To “Practice these Principles in All Our Affairs” is the goal of the programme. However, unless we “Keep it Simple” we may never really know what this means. This is our attempt to make these Principles as easy to understand as we can.

Meditations – Forgiveness and Life’s an Ocean (CD)Forgiveness can be a difficult thing. This meditation CD has two meditations available for your consideration. One is entitled “Life’s an Ocean” the other a meditation designed to assist in the process of Forgiveness. If the “Forgiveness Meditation” is performed daily one will soon be able to forgive the person even though what they have done may have been unforgivable.

Deep Soul Cleansing (book)This volume has been compiled using quotes from 13 of AA’s books for use in living experience of the “Programme,” which we recognise as the Steps. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT EACH INDIVIDUAL WISHING TO BETTER UNDERSTAND THE TWELVE STEPS DO AS WE HAVE DONE AND PURCHASE AND STUDY THE FOLLOWING BOOKS OF ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS: Alcoholics Anonymous The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions As Bill Sees It The Language of the Heart Came to Believe The Best of the Grapevine Dr. Bob and the Good Old timers Experience, Strength, and Hope Pass it On—Bill Wilson and the AA Message Daily Reflections The Home Group: Heartbeat of AA AA Comes of Age Living Sober WE HAVE ATTEMPTED TO FIND, AND “PULL OUT,” THE EXPERIENCE OF THE TWELVE STEPS IN THE MANY LIVES OF THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTED TO THOSE 13 BOOKS AND THE ROOMS OF TWELVE STEP MEETINGS. Our thanks and gratitude to Alcoholics Anonymous for the gift they have given to the world of the Twelve Steps.

Deep Soul Cleansing-Twelve Step Workbook (book)If you have been looking for the perfect inventory workbook, here it is. This is the companion to Deep Soul Cleansing contains room for some 300 resentments. Several sex problems, money and work issues, and harm done to others. This workbook has suggested readings and writing for all Twelve Steps. It is also used with our sponsees to move quickly and efficiently though what is the cycle of the Steps.

Maintaining the Promises…Daily (book)366 balance sheets with journal. This evening workbook handles our “Daily Balance Sheet” where we look at our day, both the pluses and minuses, cleaning up where required. There is also space for keeping track of our money, food, exercise, sleep, and water consumption. Following these simple forms fulfils our daily Tenth Steps, keeping us blessed with the “Promises.” It also includes forms for handling those daily “disturbances” that can build mole hills into mountains. All of this material is reviewed at our “Annual or Semi-Annual Retreats” giving us a yearly inventory of where we are so far.

Four Column Inventory – Forms Only (book)This is a smaller easier to carry around with you book of inventory forms. For those of us that want to take our work with us it is a much better size.


366 Daily Prayers – Powerful Affirmations (book)

Over a period of 12 months we will get a deeper and deeper understanding of the Twelve Steps in daily prayer.


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