Retreat FAQ

RETREAT FAQ*What happens at the retreat?*The retreat focuses on deeper understanding and study of the Twelve Steps through the practice of four tools of recovery. These are as follows:(1) The reading of Deep Soul Cleansing by Jamie M., a textbook that brings together the step wisdom of thirteen books in AA literature, including the Big Book and the Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions.(2) Conversations between pairs (‘dyads’) about the step materials. Retreatants work with different dyad partners for every step.

(3) Group conversation about the step materials after the dyads, so that retreatants can share their insights about the steps with the group and hear others’ experience, strength and hope.

(4) Worked examples of ‘Big Book step tens’, so that everyone has an opportunity to see several real-life examples of how these step tens are used to relieve disturbance.

The Pan retreats have slightly different focuses. The summer retreat at Oxon Hoath is primarily focused on steps 1 – 9, and the autumn retreat at Florence House is focused on steps 10 – 12 (the ‘maintenance’ steps).

*What if I’m not familiar with the Twelve Steps?*

Don’t worry. Many people who come on the retreat are new to recovery. You will be much more familiar with the steps by the end of the retreat. The reading of Deep Soul Cleansing and the discussions about the steps will provide lots of information and understanding.

*Do I need to bring anything?*

Yes, you may want to bring towels to the retreat. The retreat do not supply towels automatically. They will supply them for a small fee, but you may prefer to bring your own.

*What times are the meals on the retreat?*

Breakfast will be served at approximately 9am, lunch at 1pm and supper at 7pm. Unfortunately we will not be able to keep meals for people who are not able to attend at these times, in order to avoid inconvenience to the retreat venue.

*Do you accept retreatants who can only attend for part of the retreat?*

For the most part, we prefer retreatants to be able to attend the whole retreat, so that the retreatants can connect as a group and the flow of the retreat is not disrupted. We also ask that retreatants either arrive by 10.30pm on the Friday evening or, if they are unavoidably delayed, defer their arrival until early on the Saturday morning. This is to avoid disturbance to other retreatants and the staff of the retreat venues.